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collage 17P4 430x592 - Winter is coming ... Nov 18thOur blog plans for while I was traveling were thrown out the window when we ran into technical difficulties so forgive me as I make this up in the spare moments in my travel schedule. We did a minor upgrade that threw our blog’s email service off and in the process of that discovered other issues and before it was over there was a major backend reset and new service installed both for the blog and this newsletter, all while getting the latest issue out! However, we think we now have much better and much more beautiful emails coming to you.

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While you are waiting for things to get back to normal, here is a peek at some of the interior pages of the upcoming issue being released on Saturday.

Included in this issue:

  • The Language of Line by Sage Bray
  • Creative Cane Extruding by Lynda Braunstein-Gilcher
  • Etched Impression Plates by Linda Leach
  • The Art of Soutache by Julia Potemkina
  • The Work of Emily Squires Levine by Martha Aleo
  • The Global Leaf Brooch Design Challenge by Lindly Haunani
  • Bringing Back Men’s Jewelry
  • Learning to See by Ginger Davis Allman
  • Color Spotlight: Sabine Spiesser
  • Growing Your Guild by Connie Clark
  • Getting into a Gallery
  • Russia Quilted in Polymer by Svetlana Taratunina
  • … and much more!

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LPavelka purse 430x451 - Bags BedeckedSo far this week, we’ve looked at clutches covered in sheets of colored and patterned polymer but that is not, by far, the only way to create a dazzling handbag with polymer. Not all of us are caners and many of us lean toward sculptural elements and tactile texture and a handbag is a great place to lay down such touchable techniques.

You may have seen this handbag in our Spring 2015 – Diversity issue of The Polymer Arts, where Lisa Pavelka shared some of her thoughts and ideas on embellishing with polymer and crystals. This very tactile bag, with a limited cool palette of greens and blues, effortlessly rides that sometimes difficult balance of being both fun and sophisticated. The crystals make it appropriate for a dressy evening but the roiling mix of paisley shapes and abstracted leaves adds that touch of whimsy that makes it work with a pair of jeans when one is just out and about in the afternoon.

This is just one more way you can create an accessory that your customer (or yourself) can use and cherish all throughout the year. If you want more idea on purses a la Lisa Pavelka, take a look at her Pinterest pages as well as shopping on her website where you can get the materials you need to create your own great handbag.

katy schmidt yellow purse 430x843 - Twice the BagI love reversible items. They give you the option of changing up your look without having to have purchased additional accoutrements. So if you are thinking about a polymer-covered clutch, why not cover each side in a different look for versatility?

Katy Schmitt did just that with two distinct looks on this oval clutch. One side uses a yellow into gray blend with reversed swaths of the graduated color, making the purse look like it is glowing from within. This side is simple, understated and yet sophisticated and eye-catching nonetheless. It would make a great accent for that little black dress or even a long pale one.

The reserve side is more pattern and energy than light and glowing. She has kept the feather-like pattern flowing to the right and downward so that even with all that pattern, it looks calm and flowing rather than frenetic. This side of the clutch looks like it would go with you on a summer day outing or to a garden party, should you ever have the occasion to attend one. The two sides make this a year-round handbag option and so twice the bag for your buck.

Reversible pieces can also be a boon to your business. That would be true especially this time of year when people are looking for that knock-out piece for the big party but are hesitant to spend too much. Create work with both a dressy and a casual side so the buyer can envision wearing it more than once, thus better justifying the purchase. And it is always kind of fun to turn a piece over at your craft booth to show them the other side. People just get a kick out that.

For more ideas on covered clutches and more of Katy’s work go to her her Flickr photostream or her website.

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