The Summer Cover!

ThePolymerArts 18 P2 cover DKacz med border 430x548 - The Summer Cover!This beautiful Monday, I’m sharing with you the latest cover for the upcoming issue of The Polymer Arts, graced by the beautifully balanced jewelry of Dorata Kaszczyszyn.

Summer is soon to be here and the Summer issue – themed “Everything in Its Place” – will be here next month to help you greet the season. You can look forward to such articles as:

  • Looking for Balance with Christi Friesen (part of a new regular section by Christi, called “What Are You Looking at?”)
  • The Art of Meredith Dittmar
  • Remembering Tory Hughes
  • Spilling the Beads: a textural tutorial with Nikolina Otrzan
  • Tiny Tiles: a variation tutorial with Chris Kapono
  • Design Your Own Silkscreens
  • Translucent Silkscreen: a tutorial with Sage Bray
  • Composing Photos for Every Occasion with syndee holt
  • Making the Most of Your Time
  • Lessons from Knitting with Ginger Davis Allman
  • Colors Spotlight with Lorraine Vogel by Lindly Haunani

Renewal notices went out over the last couple weeks but if you’ve not had the chance to renew your subscription or subscribe, you’ll want to be sure to do so soon so you can be on that initial list to get the first copies fresh from the printer (or for digital readers, fresh from our server). We lock down the mailing lists in the first week of May. The release date for the summer issue is set for May 20th.

If you have questions about your subscription, you’re welcome to write us at or, if you get this by email, just hit reply. Sydney, my fabulous assistant and keeper of subscription lists, will get back to you shortly but be a little patient if it takes a day or so. She’s just getting back from a very exciting weekend … she just got married! Congrats and all the best to Sydney and Ben!

Fun at the Table

stroppel painting girl table cat 1 430x432 - Fun at the TableSo, we finally got an official Instagram account up and going and my assistant and I are having a ton of fun with it. Aside from the fun we are having, there are plans for this account … we are hoping to whip up some stories and short videos with more “behind the scenes” peeks for those curious about the making of a magazine and the day to day bedlam over here at The Polymer Arts headquarters.

This planned amusement will commence in a more focused fashion after the new year, but do follow us now so I can find all of you and follow you back! I do want to keep up with what you all are up to and making as well. We hang out on Instagram at @thepolymerarts, of course.

We are not the only ones having fun there. That is where I ran into this fabulously curious and colorful piece by Alice Stroppel. Polymer wall art is really taking hold of her imagination. This is a wonderful example of the more illustrative construction wall work she’s done recently but she is also creating some very engaging pieces painting with polymer. Jump over to her corner on Instagram or visit her website where you can find out where she’ll be teaching in upcoming months.

The Winter Cover, 1/2 off Polymer Journeys SALE, & other news

17P4 Winter Line Lg border 430x537 - The Winter Cover, 1/2 off Polymer Journeys SALE, & other newsMy apologies for not getting the blog out yesterday. It is a whirlwind over here as we get the next issue ready and deal with some ongoing technical and third-party service issues in other areas.

But here you go. Your sneak peek at the Winter 2017 – Line issue whose cover will be graced with the beautiful work of Emily Squires Levine who is the featured artist interviewed in this issue. This great end of the year issue will come out third week of November.

Along with that must-read article, you can also look forward to …

  • Design with Line
  • The Art of Emily Squires Levine
  • Creative Extruding
  • More Tools from Other Trades
  • Etched Impression Plates
  • Simulation in Soutache
  • Color Spotlight:  Sabine Spiesser
  • Getting into Galleries
  • Jewelry Styles for Men
  • Growing Your Guild
  • Russian Polymer Quilt Project
  • … and much more!

To ensure you don’t miss out, go here for subscriptions and renewals.

And … we are working on the next couple projects so we thought we’d keep working on making room and this time, we’ve got Polymer Journeys on sale for a straight 50% off for print editions, 15% off digital editions, and if you buy both, you can get the digital edition for only $5! You can grab this deal on our website as well.

There is also news about changes in our subscription and ordering process which was run through a service that has, unfortunately not provided consistent service and has frustrated more than a few readers, and we just can’t have that. So this is all back in-house where we can monitor every single order ourselves. We do lose the online portal for you to check on your subscription and change your address but we’ll be able to offer more discounts and specials as well as having a cleaner and easier ordering system.

Get all this news in our newsletter which you can find online here. If you would like to sign up to receive our twice monthly newsletter, just drop your email into the form on our home page.


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The Buenos Aires Polyptych and Our Half-Off Sale, Too!

mondongo insidepolyptych 346x450 - The Buenos Aires Polyptych and Our Half-Off Sale, Too!mondongo rgt side polyptych 350x371 - The Buenos Aires Polyptych and Our Half-Off Sale, Too!mondongo detailpolyptych 350x413 - The Buenos Aires Polyptych and Our Half-Off Sale, Too! Over the last several weeks, I have been traveling and working on moving the business but I was also lucky enough to squeeze in a little museum hopping as well as catching up with a number of artistic friends so I was seeing and talking about a lot of art. I thought that this week I’d share some of what I saw during the last few crazy weeks while I finish organizing the office and warehouse here.

This first piece, Políptico de Buenos Aires by an artist collective known as Mondongo, was found in an exhibition at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. I was accompanied by Christi Friesen and Anke Humpert and when we came to this piece we were initially just entranced by the images and the unusual layered build of the images which were a cross between bas-relief and painting. But then we all stopped at the same time to look at each other and ask, “Hey … is this polymer?”

The description on the wall just listed “clay” as the material but a quick examination showed that it was not ceramic so it was either polymer or another craft clay. It was not until I got home last week that I was able to research the artists and read that they use plasticine. I am not sure it is the same non-drying plasticine many of us grew up on but, yes, they appeared to create this elaborate, nearly 12-foot tall polyptych in modeling clay, using it like paint, with little daubs, thin snakes, and a smeared blending of colors.

The amount of work this must have taken was impressive but it had to be the various stories embedded in their depiction of a shantytown in Buenos Aires in the center sections as well as their own self-portraits and other images on the outside ends that stayed with us. The more we looked, the more we saw and maybe, the more we understood about their sense of frustration with their home country and how people live there.

I could go on and on about this piece but we don’t have the time here. Let me just say this … if you have not visited a museum, gone to a gallery opening, been on an artwalk, or sought out a sculpture garden in recent months, you really should. It is such a shot in the arm for your own creativity and you just never know what you’ll find!

Don’t have time to get out just yet? Well, you can find additional inspiration in the pages of The Polymer Arts magazine. Through the end of the month, hard copy editions of the magazine and the Polymer Journeys book are on sale in our Etsy shop for 1/2 OFF. Help me slim down the inventory as I set up the newly moved stock and get your hands on those precious few issues you’ve missed or want a copy of in print, not just digital for your bookshelf.


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Circling Back

veronica jeong 350x339 - Circling BackOver the next several weeks I will be all over the place–traveling, teaching, entertaining foreign (polymer) dignitaries, readying the family home for sale, and making the final move for the business at the end of it all, I needed to pull a few things off my plate during this period. Not doing the blog was an option but I didn’t want to leave you without your regular creative shot in the arm so I am, instead, scheduling out a series of posts that were originally on my Facebook page back before the blog was born. That is actually where the blog started but most of you will never have seen them so I thought this was a good opportunity to share some of the most popular posts from back then while I take care of things in my present day world.

But quickly, before we get to the piece of the day, I wanted to let you all know that all new issues of The Polymer Arts, the Fall 2017–Texture issue, have been emailed and snail mailed out to all the subscribers and pre-order purchasers who had orders in prior to yesterday. If you didn’t get your subscription renewed or want to order the copy of this issue,  search Facebook or Instagram or other social media to see all the comments on how much great stuff is in this issue–you can do so on our website now. If you expected a digital copy but didn’t see it in your inbox, check your spam/junk mail folder and if it is still not there, write us at connect(at) and we’ll help you get your copy. Print subscription copies may take up to another three weeks to get to you depending on where you live.

Okay, onto the pretties. Here was my post from February 28, 2012:

Sometimes you just want something simple … here is a black & white pendant from Veronica Jeong. Eliminating color forces the artist to focus on form and texture and can result in wonderful things. Find more of her work on Flickr


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Synergy Recap in Pictures

IMG 0231 430x221 - Synergy Recap in Pictures

Marie Segal necklace and pin Synergy 4 081617 338x450 - Synergy Recap in Pictures

First of all … the new Fall issue came out over the weekend! Get your texture fix with this issue, in a big way. If you have a digital subscription and have not seen your access email, check your junk mail folder. You should also be able to access it through your account here. If you have a print subscription, those went to the post office in Idaho on Friday so they are on the way too. If you do not have an active subscription or need to get your single issue copy, go to our website at

So this week we are going to have a parade of photos from Synergy 4 to include some beautiful art and some show shots for those who didn’t go but are trying to live vicariously through the community’s representatives that did.

The absolute best thing about going to these events is the people you get to meet and chat it up with. I think I may have said that last week but it’s true! The first picture here is just a sampling of the talent that was sitting behind me at breakfast one morning. How thrilled would you be to have the opportunity to sit down with Jeff Dever and Rachel Carren and listen in on their, no doubt, very insightful conversation? Or pull up a chair and say hello to Nan Roche and Melanie West? Or hang out at the same table with Christi Friesen, Bettina Welker, and Martina Weller? And you can at these things. People here, no matter what the skill level or how long they have been involved, are happy to talk to all the attendees. It is always illuminating what one can learn from others with the same passion.

I was grateful to get to talk to so many people but I was particularly happy to have a little time to sit down with our longtime polymer master, Marie Segal. She gave a talk about the new Cernit formulation–there has been improved strength, flexibility, and clarity that looks to rival the other better-known brands which got me quite excited to try it. If you like sampling clays to see what works best in what application, jump over to her shop and get yourself some new goodies at The Clay Factory.



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The Fall Cover … Sneak Peek at “Texture”

17P3 Summer cover FNL Med 430x540 - The Fall Cover ... Sneak Peek at "Texture"We’re sneaking in a weekend post to let you know about the latest issue of The Polymer Arts. Fall this year will be all about Texture! Who doesn’t like a little (or a lot!) of texture?

This issue will have you seeing texture everywhere. We have articles on several ways to achieve various types of texture as well as how to design with it, some new materials for creating texture and even how to make your own cool texture tools. Article include …

–Design class: Talking with Texture

–Controlled Mokume

–Hand Tooled Texture

–Tactile Jewelry

–Surprising Impression Textures

–Create Rolling Texture Tools

–Aged Effects with Citadel Paints

–Color Changes in Cured Clay

–Color Spotlight: Nikolina Otrzan

… and much more!

The issue is due to be released at the end of August so get your subscription up to date or start one now. If you need to know the status of your subscription, you can find your account information on this page: Subscriber Login.



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The Summer Cover … Thank you Mr. Anderson

TPA 17P2 JSA bull cover border web72 430x562 - The Summer Cover ... Thank you Mr. Anderson

Today, I just want to share the newest cover of The Polymer Arts. We are so very lucky to have Jon Stuart Anderson gracing the cover with a wonderful close up of his Raging Bull sculpture. The article on Jon’s art and life is alone worth getting this issue for.

Jon had previously not talked much about his work and yet it is absolutely unforgettable. His process, his thoughts on creating, on color, and on living as an artist are from the heart and he minces no words. The interview conducted, and article written by, the equally amazing Ron Lehocky was a dream for us. Ron had so much material, there really could have been a book. Ron was just the person to pull from Jon the stories and details that allow us a rich and colorful glimpse of the man and his work like we’ve never seen it before. I am so thrilled about this issue. Can you tell?

 The whole Summer 2017- Color issue will be a great reference for color exploration now and in the future with the talent and knowledge of some of our best artists including Tracy Holmes, Christine Dumont, Lindly Haunani, Meg Newberg, and Anke Humpert, along with Ron and Jon.  Here’s some of the articles you can look forward to:

  • Color Theory – Simplified!
  • Creating Relatable Color Palettes
  • Fixing our Brains’ Flawed Color Perception
  • The Wild & Colorful World of Jon Anderson
  • Dramatic Color Blends for Canes
  • Painting with Polymer clay
  • Color Guided Necklace Designs
  • Re-Thinking Your Artistic Identity
  • Funding a Guild or Group
  • Color Spotlight on Christine Dumont
  • New Ways with the New Liquid Clays

… and much more!

​Don’t miss out on this essential issue. Be sure your subscription is up to date by going to your account page or start your new subscription. It’s easy … just click here!

If you are jonesing to see more of Jon’s work or want to purchase his work, you can find it on his website.


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Spring Issue Has Sprung!

collage 17P1 v1Ta da! The first issue of 2017 is coming out today (scheduled for 11am PST) and, I know I am usually extremely enthusiastic about every issue but this one has so many wildly passionate artists sharing their process and their secrets. It is really heart-warming how much these people share. There are also a lot of cool techniques and new forms to learn, not to mention a few different ways to get and stay inspired in your own creative polymer endeavors. We really hope you like it!

If you are a digital subscriber, look for it in your inbox (or check your junkmail/spam folder if it’s not there) or, if you have a print copy coming to you, they were shipped out yesterday.

If you don’t have your copy on order yet, head over to the website and get yours now.

Now I am going to go play with clay. That’s how I relax after a new issue goes out! How about you?

Weekly Inspirational Challenge: Let’s make this weekend simple. Create something in a familiar, easy and uncomplicated design and set of techniques. See what design choices come to you instinctively and just enjoy the process!


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