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This arresting little piece was created by Heather Moore. However, she was not designing but learning as she created this in a class by Claire Maunsell. I recognized the technique immediately but the application of it and the design was far more geometric than what Claire usually creates so I was intrigued. Color wise, she […]

For our color contemplation today we have a classic centered and graduated size drop design, although the treatment of the shapes and application of color is anything but classic. Cecilia Leonini is this piece’s creator. Cecilia is extremely fond of color and seems to get most, if not all, the colors of the rainbow into […]

I’ve talked a lot in the past about monochromatic and restricted palettes and, sure, I’ve had weeks with just explosions of color to cheer us up and to just drool over but we’ve not really talked about how to use a full spectrum of color. This week, I thought I’d delve into the idea of […]

As an illustration of how powerful the draw is when we catch just a mere glimpse, a hint, the sight of just a sliver of something, I thought I’d share this pin by Margaret Regan. This is not a new piece, but it has such a classic composition. And tell me that when you look at it, you aren’t […]

Pushing the construction or composition of a necklace doesn’t have to be overly complex. Simplicity is sometimes the best path to unusual pieces. With this composition by Russian artist Oksana Aleksandrovna Vedernikova (she works under the name  Silverpepper), the rather stark presentation really helps us focus on the delicate details of these of the gorgeously crafted polymer beads. […]

Vicki Grant is a ceramicist creating wall sculpture that seems abstract and primarily design based, but taking some time to look over the elements, a story starts to emerge. Like in this piece here, the growth of flowers, the unusual sky and what looks to be tortured earth makes you start to wonder what is really […]