Shiny and Striking

carolinerivierejoaillerie 430x431 - Shiny and StrikingWe are going to move away from polymer for the last piece of this week because this was just too amazing to not share right away. Caroline Rivière was originally a marine biologist; however, with the birth of her children she questioned her career choice and ended up exploring jewelry making. Self-taught, she really found her passion and a unique voice in metal and stonework.

The open airiness of her work is reminiscent of some of the polymer work we have seen in recent years from the likes of Sona Grigoryan and Donna Greenberg. I thought this would also be particularly inspiring to those working with a more delicate polymer construction.

For more inspiration, visit her website and check out the Instagram page “The Eclectic Artisans” where I first found this piece.

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