Newly Striking

mDuchowicz Phoenix 430x293 - Newly StrikingThis new work by Monika Duchowicz is not so much shiny, like Monday’s post, but it is certainly striking.

You may have had your first in-depth introduction to Monika’s work in our Summer 2017 ‘Color’ issue. Her tutorial on painting with polymer for journal covers is truly amazing. She is still painting polymer covers but this piece moves out in a somewhat new direction being that this is more constructed than painted.

She also found a beautiful journal to put it on. It is a very Gothic and dreamlike combination of her composition and the journal cover’s spine and back. She describes the bird as a Phoenix although she notes that this is not a typical Phoenix with the all-white plumage and only fiery colors inserted into the background. And why not? We can make our own versions of any myth.

She posted several different views of this journal which you can see on her Instagram page. Also take a look at her work in her Etsy shop.



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