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Over the next several weeks I will be all over the place–traveling, teaching, entertaining foreign (polymer) dignitaries, readying the family home for sale, and making the final move for the business at the end of it all, I needed to pull a few things off my plate during this period. Not doing the blog was […]

I always hesitate to post pieces with little or no color, as they just don’t get that immediate attention that really colorful work does. But, it would be hard not to talk about monochrome, which is another classic color palette that is ideal for mokume. The advantage of monochrome is it’s striking and often graphical nature. […]

Of all the elements we work with in polymer, color may seem to be a primary consideration, but in reality, color is one element we can actually do without. Form, balance, rhythm … these elements will always need to be considered no matter what you do. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, eliminating color and […]