Following the Rooftops

NSabo Nambia bowlI so need something bright and cheery as we prepare for serious flooding level storms out here in Southern California. What a winter we are having! I wish it were snow though. Much less messy. But here we are, under cloudy skies, waiting for the deluge.

So, in looking for a couple more bowl style containers to share this week, I was delighted to find this beauty by the equally beautiful Nevenka Sabo. Her work lately has been so intensely bright and cheery. It was just the thing for a day such as this.

I love that she breaks away from the standard bowl form and cuts the lip of it to follow the roof tops of her little neighborhood. The bright blue interior and the mixed colors of the houses add to the playful look. The fully saturated colors are well matched to the illustrative look of the imagery on the pieces she creates. It’s just a wonderfully done, fun piece. If you like this, you’ll want to see the other views of it on her Flickr photostream.

Nevenka has been working with this technique for a couple of years now with really eye-catching results. She even put out a very detailed tutorial for this technique she calls Nambi. You can find it in her Etsy shop. But also take a look at her other examples of how this technique can be applied by checking out her Flickr pages and her Facebook page.

Ok, hopefully I won’t be heading to the rooftops myself this week. Hope you all stay warm and dry!



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  1. Hi Sage,
    Thank you so much for featuring my neighborhood bowl. Yeas, I have been revisiting my Nambi technique lately and I am having so much fun.
    I hope that problem you are having in California will be sorted out. I honestly hope you will be safe and dry. I’ll keep you in my thoughts.
    Huga & love. N.

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