Big Paper

dittmar 003 2017 430x842 - Big PaperI can’t tell you how thrilled I was that Meredith Dittmar agreed to do an interview for the artist profile in this issue. Her work is like nothing else that we see in polymer. It’s very illustrative and conceptual. Some of it is cute but a lot of it is otherworldly, seemingly pulled directly from dreams and not always the nice ones. The sometimes uncomfortable juxtaposition of forms and imagery makes you stop and think about what she’s trying to say. That’s after you stop gaping at how well-formed and smooth her polymer shapes are. She has developed a few tricks that she reveals in this interview, to create these well-finished compositions. You also get to see how large they are and how she cures them. It’s fascinating.

Although this was mentioned, we were not able to really delve into her compositions with paper. This is something she has been working on in recent years. The compositions are very much like her polymer work but the paper has some less cumbersome technical considerations to work with. This piece is mostly paper; however, it does have some polymer pieces in it. The paper gives the work a lighter and more fragile feel, although the imagery is still strong and poignant.

Take a look at the article and then take a look at this and her other paper compositions to see how the change in the material changes the feel of the work. You can compare pieces online by taking a look at her website, Facebook, or Instagram pages.

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