Balancing Silkscreens

HBreil Radiating Rays silkscreenAs mentioned yesterday, silkscreen is great for adding pattern to a piece but you want to be careful that you don’t lean too heavily on the pattern to carry your design. As fun and novel as silkscreening can be for the maker, it is still just a visual texture. Something else has to come into play.

So, of course, I had to check out Helen Breil’s silkscreened pieces because I knew she’d have a fabulous example for us. This gorgeous bracelet gets energy and an interesting texture from the silkscreen but if it weren’t for the color choices of gold against a rich red and the undulating form, the pattern would not be overly interesting. But with texture, color and form combined, we have a very dramatic and energetic piece. Let’s not forget the anchor of that black focal point. Without it, all the movement and energy might be a bit much but the button in the middle gives the eye a place to rest before heading back out to take in beauty of this great combination of elements.

Of course, Helen’s shop is an excellent source of silkscreens as well as instruction on how to use them. You can find both on her website here and her Pinterest board of examples here. Also take a look at her video classes, including her new Magnetic Pendants class, all on her website.



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  1. I just met Helen in person at Clayathon. She taught her little bowl class, it was wonderful. I was in awe of Helen and Lindly and Melanie West I met them all for the 1st time at this event.
    My friend /mentor Emily Squires Levine was there and it was the 1st time I had seen her in person for a while and she was delighted and surprised by your article I wrote about how she helped me see MY own work differently : as a body of work.
    As always I had to chat with syndee Holt she has the best ideas and knows all the greatest tips tricks and tools.
    I look forward to finally meeting you at Syngery !

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