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Today, we step just to the side of polymer and check out some amazing paper mache. This collection I found today just blew me away. The work is by Gustavo Ramirez Cruz and the color and whimsy are just irresistible. Well for me, certainly, but I bet this little guy will tug at quite a few […]

I love art dolls. And ornaments. And I’m getting into this whole fish thing so it’s no wonder some odd but beautiful item like this fish ornament by doll and toy maker Nadine Pau caught my eye. There is an ode to steampunk here but I like that its present only in its basic forms. […]

With the 22nd Winter Olympic Games being held in Sochi, Russia right now, it seems like a perfect time turn our focus to art work from the area. Oxana Volkova, a mixed medium artist with a serious love of color  living in Moscow. She calls these bracelets Color Splash 2 for what is probably an obvious reason. […]