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Martina Buriánová takes rough stuff–the theme this week–in an interesting direction for polymer. This unique use of layers in a polymer pendant might remind you of the side view of a warped, long-ago drenched book. Contained within its solid although equally roughed up frame, you get a sense that these layers have been through a few trials […]

I do like to keep busy, but I have to say the last few weeks have been beyond what any normal human should do to themselves. And I do say, I am doing this to myself because I am fully capable of saying no to some things but I have a very hard time doing […]

The really cool thing about translucent canes is that whatever is set behind them shows through, allowing for all kinds of possibilities with imagery and depth. The cellular cane conversation started Monday now turns to how to apply translucent canes created more for textural application than for the images embedded inside. Ivy Niles has got this particular […]

Much of our layering and exposing of those layers in polymer happens on a flat surface which can then be applied to any number of forms. But take that usual work surface and put it in the round, and a you can get quite beautiful results that way too. For you scrap clay technique connoisseurs, […]

Translucent layering is a wonderful way to add depth to a bead or, in the case of this piece below, a little polymer painting. Roberta Warshaw isn’t too happy with this  polymer painting but I think she has accidentally ended up with a better design than she might have if she had been able to […]

Repeating elements  can add such energy to a piece. Especially if you push the elements just a little and add some contrast to make it pop. Here Eva Ehmeier uses her small layered and rolled elements repeated across a donut form to create a piece that almost looks alive. I don’t think it would have quite the […]