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Going sculptural in a jewelry direction, this piece really caught my eye back when and I never forgot it. There is something very alluring and even a bit Georgia O’Keefe about this piece. Here is the original post in which I was promoting the popular Summer 2012 – Recycle and Reuse issue: With our focus […]

I am still in the midst of traveling, although I am feeling a little giddy on the overdose of art I took in the last day and a half as a we wandered about Paris waiting to take our bus down to Toulouse last night. I’m going to share one more beautifully polished piece, then next week I will […]

Although I didn’t emphasize this, yesterday’s glass artist was big on form as a means of expression, and the sense of movement she conveys is rather dependent on the forms she chooses. I find this to be true with polymer artist Jana Roberts Benzon as well. She creates a sense of flowing, staccato, or ebbing […]

Today’s pretty is brought to you by Nihal Erpeden of Istanbul, Turkey. I love the freeform folding and ruffling of the clay but creating it like a pod that is opening to reveal a botanical treasure is what I find really appealing. Nihal’s professed inspiration comes from Jana Roberts Benzon who spent a lot of […]

Paper sculpturist Jen Stark‘s plays with colored paper in a way that I’ve never seen. When I found her site, I just got lost there for a while. I think the shapes and colors will speak to a lot of polymer artists. She builds or uncovers colors and layers, rearranging and shaping forms in a […]