Outside Inspiration: Wood with Spirit

Yes, it’s true … on Fridays I usually bring you something that is not polymer. And believe it or not, I am being true to form. As much as it might seem that this below should be polymer, it is not. It’s wood and the stunning creation of Liv Blåvarp, a Norwegian born artist whose has received a tremendous amount of recognition in the USA over the last few years.



Here is an excellent article with numerous examples of her work. As she says in the article, “… the recurring theme in my artistic practice is to create structures that seem alive.” I think we’d all agree that she manages that tremendously well in this piece. Truthfully, there hasn’t been any of her work that I’ve seen that doesn’t do this. She repeatedly gives one the impression that her pieces could get up and slink off or fly or even rise up like a proud peacock just gently prodded.

She does not seem to have a website, but the article and these couple of pages I’m listing here will give you the opportunity to really delve into the beauty of this incredible work. Enjoy!



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