A Talented Hobbyist

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I’m so glad that this artist became easier to find and to read up on since the day I originally posted this. Cecilia Button does amazing work but still, she doesn’t sell it. Rather this is a hobby for her that she does in the very early hours of the day before running off to attend to her busy textile career.

Here is the post from January 31st, 2012:

“The ‘Pretty of the Day’ … off another non-English blog (Google so needs to pay me for sending people to their translator all the time!) She’s French, lives in Asia, only lists ‘Cecilia’ for her name and doesn’t sell her work, just gifts it. Lucky friends she has! http://mabcrea.space-blogs.com/

These days you can find more of her work on her her Flickr pages as her blog site has not been active since 2013, but is still rather revealing.



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Quick and Colorful Geometry

This piece and the accompanying tutorial don’t really lean organic except maybe in the color choices but they are certainly geometric and it looks like such a fun and easy technique that I just had to share it.

Magali Chauveau is a French artist who uses a cookie cutter or punch to cut out shapes and apply them to a base sheet in order to create the surface design for beads like the ones on the necklace pictured here.


Magali generously shares tutorials on her blog as well as having several books available. To see more of her work, take a look at her Facebook page or view her books on Amazon.

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