Rainbows Falling

C Leonini Squares 430x726 - Rainbows FallingFor our color contemplation today we have a classic centered and graduated size drop design, although the treatment of the shapes and application of color is anything but classic.

Cecilia Leonini is this piece’s creator. Cecilia is extremely fond of color and seems to get most, if not all, the colors of the rainbow into the majority of her work.

So, what do you think? Does she depend too much on the riot of color here to carry the design? Or does she use it to spice up a classic composition of shapes alongside her other not-so-classic applications and design choices?

Perhaps you could be a better judge of her color sense if you see her body of work. Just jump on over to Cecilia’s  Flickr photostream for an eyeful of color as well as seeing what joyful work she has available for sale in her Etsy shop.


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Our Interaction with Color

il_570xN.699800404_8hk9Today’s piece pays homage to one of my favorite painter’s of the last century, Wassily Kandinsky, whose birthday happens to be today. Kandinsky is considered the first artist to create purely abstract art and was one of the foremost Expressionist painters, as well as being an artistic theorist.  He was especially concerned with our personal reactions to color, as in how we interact viscerally with what we see. He wrote in his book Du spirituel dans l’art (Concerning the Spiritual in Art), “Colours on the painter’s palette evoke a double effect: a purely physical effect on the eye, which is charmed by the beauty of colours, similar to the joyful impression when we eat a delicacy. This effect can be much deeper, however, causing a vibration of the soul or an “inner resonance”—a spiritual effect in which the colour touches the soul itself.”

Isn’t that just lovely?

This necklace was created by Cecilia Leonini of Italy. To honor Kandinsky’s thoughts and not influence your reaction, I’m not going to comment on this piece. How do you find yourself reacting to it, to the color, form and imagery? Do you see what Kandinsky was referring to in terms of our interaction with color?

You can find more of Cecilia’s work in her Etsy shop. I only just discovered her through the Polymer Clay Artist’s Guild of Etsy which I am a member of. If you sell on Etsy and aren’t a member of the PCAGOE, do consider joining–start by clicking here. This group was key in encouraging and inspiring me when I was still new and uncertain, and many are what we affectionately refer to as the midwives of The Polymer Arts magazine, helping to form the concept and vet ideas for its creation and content when it first started out. They are a wonderful support group and a wealth of information and inspiration!


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