Circling Off-Center

Nakit up Ayahuasca 430x546 - Circling Off-Center

Because circles are so symmetrical, variation within the circular design or asymmetry in the placement of the circles can be employed to add interest and energy to a piece.

In these enticingly textured earrings, Ursa Polak includes variation in not only the placement but the color and pattern of the background, and she even changes things up between the two earrings so they aren’t an exact match. Even the circular impressions, which at first glance might appear to be the same stamp treated differently, do not have the same patterning. But because the stamps are all radiating circular patterns and the form of the beads are the same on both sides, they are easily seen as a pair.

This asymmetry in conjunction with symmetrical elements is a common theme in Ursa’s work. You can see what I mean by heading over to her Flickr photostream, Instagram page, or her DaWanda shop.




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