A Splash of Mokume

Barbara Fajardo mokume sets 350x339 - A Splash of MokumeIf you make it over to Milton, Georgia for the Creative Journey Studios grand reopening, you will get to feast your eyes on some new work by the likes of Barb Fajardo. I don’t know that the pieces shown here will be there but I sure would love to see these in person.

Barb’s lovely mokume slices, with their leaf-like formations and washes of delicate color, are just such a treat for the eyes. The black background and frames really make the subtle colors pop. She keeps the organic look from becoming too stolid and geometric by giving each rectangular shape a slight curve or angle. The otherwise simple shapes allow the mokume to really shine.

Barb has been having a fantastic time playing with mokume lately and has been coming up with delicious color combinations and patterns. You should really check out her other pieces on her website here as well as follow her on Facebook and Flickr.

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