The Well Spotted Pendant

SAtwood pendantSo let’s finish up this week on dots and spots with one piece which happens to have many, many ways of using the decorative and often dynamic element.

Shelley Atwood isn’t shy with her details as demonstrated here. Pin-pricks give way to tiny circles which play in the background behind spots of color and details of varying shapes, not just the roundness of the dots we know and love so well. But even the leaf shapes, repeated over and over, create the same kind of effect.

Having four sections doing basically the same thing helps with the suggestion that the leaf shapes should operate as spots rather than a distinctive visual. Even with all the variation, the dots, and spots and marks, all contained within a similarly sized space, balance each other out so you are left to just enjoy the riot of color and the joy of the spot.

Shelley’s work can be found, with all its many marks and delicious details, on her website and on Flickr.


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