Perusing Cozzi

Did you know that Louise Fischer Cozzi works in other forms besides jewelry with etched and colored transluscents? Of course you did or I am sure you suspected. How many of us can stick with just one approach when using polymer?

I always wonder what else people do besides the common work we see from certain artists in books and workshops announcements. Today I landed in Louise’s website and found out she has actually worked in a lot of forms. Even in jewelry she has rings and cuff links along with her well-known necklaces. She has a whole section just on objects including ornaments, boxes and bowls like this one below.



I gravitated back to her jewelry though and was rather taken by this bracelet here. The only problem is the photos on the website are so small! How I would love to see the details.



Louise also does quilts! Quite a range she has. You can go exploring yourself on her website here. 

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