Higher Grounds


This quote brought two thoughts to mind. First, there has been a bit of chat on several fronts lately about criticism. It is really pointless and even unkind to give criticism that is of a purely negative nature, yet it’s not that uncommon for people to blurt such things out. If you have people like that around you, don’t listen and don’t keep them around. What you need are people that support you. They don’t always have to agree and they may not like something you’ve made but if they can tell you why and give suggestions, they are the ones that will help lift you and your work.

It also reminded me of the theme of the upcoming Synergy 3–Higher Ground. I can’t wait for this show. Being around the enthusiasm and creativity of so many dedicated polymer artists … talk about lifting one up! If you can manage it, you really should try to make it. It only happens every two years, so it will be your last chance to be among so many kindred souls for another couple years. Check out the details on the IPCA website.



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