General Technique Links (Technique links web pages)
  --Glass Attic: HUGE site, a collective of ideas and observations rather than laid out techniques, but if you are willing to wade through it, there's tons of information.
  --Polymer Clay Central, Techniques: Much like this page will be (we hope!), this has been around a while, s0 bad links are not uncommon. We will try not to repeat what they have posted, so consider this a great alternate/additional technique source.

Basics & Standards
  --Pasta Machines Thickness Guide

Paid Tutorial sites
(most include some free tutorials as well)
--Clay Lessons
  --Polymer Clay Tutor
  --Polymer Clay Productions
  --PolyPedia Online

Bonus Article Materials & Resources

--Donna Greenberg's Sample Commission Contract
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Techniques & Standards Resource list
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