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Please do not send full articles when initially querying us.  Send us your idea so we can let you know if and what to send. An outline of the kind of query we would like to see is in the Contributor's Guidelines.

Writing for Polymer and Craft Publications

If you are uncertain about how to go about writing for publications, here is the workshop guidelines Sage Bray presented at Synergy 3 in March of 2013. This is an outline for developing, writing, organizing and polishing written work for publication in polymer and craft related publications. Writing Guidelines and Tips
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Upcoming Themes and Deadlines
Issue and Theme Publication Date Content Due
Summer 2018 ; Vol 8, #2
Everything in Its Place
- Balance, focus, creating movement, considering the whole piece, addressing composition in three-dimensions, tutorials on wall art, mixed media arrangements, etc.
May 21 April 9
Fall 2018 ; Vol 8, #3
Center of Attention
- Focal beads, how to create multiple focal points, tutorials for faux beads and other focal elements, defining business goals, managing time, etc.
Aug 20 July 9
Winter 2018 ; Vol 8, #4
- Repetition, personal or historical use of motifs, thematic imagery, branding, drawing from past cultures, etc.
Nov 15 Oct 1
2019: TBD