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Resource Listings
We think that having a central source for all the resources essential to the polymer clay artist is one of the most important services we can provide. We are busy building these lists but would LOVE your help to ensure they are as complete and up to date as possible.

Click here for the linked, browse-able & downloadable list

This is a searchable, printable online PDF that can be saved to your computer using the PDF toolbar (move your cursor into the lower right of the screen to make the toolbar show up).
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Help out the Polymer Clay community by listing your business, service, or professional artist website.
Supplies: Retail & wholesale shops; supplies for polymer clay, jewelry, sculpting, etc.
Community: Guilds,  groups, forums ... anything focused on member involvement
Artists: Gallery level artists, teachers, innovators, and notable emerging artists
Information & Learning: Magazines, Blogs, Newsletters, Tutorial sources, Wikis, Book publishers, & Schools
Markets & Selling: Year round sales avenues and services
Events: Craft shows, workshops, retreats, classes, and industry shows
Techniques & Standards: We are just starting this list. If you have a website, or know of one that has valuable technique information, let us know. We'll add the best of them here. Important Thickness Guide info can found here.
The Polymer Arts magazine ... For the professional and aspiring polymer clay artist
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If you have information about a guild, material resource, publication opportunity, contest, challenge, award, grant project, or organization that supports craft and independent artists, please let us know ... even if you think we might have it. We'd rather hear about it a hundred times than miss getting it on our list.

Techniques & Standards Resource list
Click here for sources and tips on techniques, business, photography, and more.

Article Related Sources
(click here for bonus  material related to articles in print)

Sage and TPA Presentations

Writing for Polymer and Craft publications: Writing Guidelines and Tips
Synergy 2013, Atlanta GA

Developing Your Artistic Voice EuroSynergy 2014, Dolmen Hotel, Malta.

Creating a Sustainable Online Presence EuroSynergy 2014, Dolmen Hotel, Malta. Click here for sources and tips on techniques, business, photography, and more.
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