Polymer Journeys
The Book. The Series.

Polymer Journeys is filled with more than simply beautiful, intelligent, and unexpected craft art from all over the globe; it is a window into a world of intense passion for color, form, texture, and pattern. Accompanied by insightful words from 108 artists as well as design sketches and photos of studios, worktables, and works in progress, this collection offers a broad and multi-faceted view of the art and artists working with polymer today.

2015 Tenth Muse Publications and The Polymer Arts

Polymer Journeys is a collaboration between The Polymer Arts, Tenth Muse Arts publications, and a long list of artists and polymer art supporters. The hope is that each book will do well enough to fund another book every two years.

More information can be found on the book's website at www.polymerjourneys.com
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