Waterfalls of Color

2goodclaymates CaBezel pendants 430x430 - Waterfalls of ColorAlthough there isn’t a full rainbow of color in each individual piece here, I just had to share the work of Carolyn and Dave Good who recently posted these lovely mokume components for their fall (as in draped or like a waterfall) necklaces. These pieces use a similarly high saturation of color among them all and a lot of contrast within each piece. It makes for a great looking collection that I’d be happy to have just hanging on the wall together. Well, I might be inclined to wear them too, I’ll have to admit.

These pieces were made with some new CaBezel molds by Wendy Orlowski of our long time supporter, Shades of Clay. This series is actually called Holy CaBezels, due to the hole, of course. But maybe they can also be a bit of divine inspiration for the right person. It would be hard to say unless you bought a set and tried it out. Just saying.

The Goods always have something yummy to share on their blog so if you like having great eye candy dropped in your inbox, sign up for the 2GoodClaymates blog. And to get your set of molds, go to Shades of Clay.


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Inside a Lentil

IMG_4142I’ve been wanting to do a hollow lentil bead with a peek-a-boo hole in it all week, but it’s a rather common design these days, at least as a base form. Some people are doing beautiful things with it, but I felt it ought to be really different and objects well recessed, so they look more hidden, and that was harder to find. Then I remembered these window-like hollow lentils Wendy Orlowski created a couple years ago.

Down below the lip of the open window in the one on the right, you can see what looks like a nest with an egg inside it. I wish I could get a closer look. But, this is what I’ve been talking about all week. You know something is there, and our natural curiosity pushes us to look closer to get a better look at it. We simply like the surprise of hidden things. This is a great addition to a piece in that there is definitely more than meets the eye when there is something sitting just inside, beyond our view.

Wendy mentions that she had planned to create a tutorial of this, although I couldn’t find one. If you are interested, you might want to give Wendy a shout through her Etsy shop or with the contact information on her blog. In case you didn’t know, Wendy is the designer who created CaBezels, which I highly recommend. They are a lifesaver for quick and easy bezels to show off your great surface treatments or faux stones. You can find them on her Etsy site as well through Shades of Clay.


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Variations in Faux Metal

Wendy Orlowski, the new proprietor of the online polymer clay supply shop Shades of Clay, has been an innovative artist in the polymer community for some time. Her CaBezel molds have been very popular with many clayers. I have quite a few myself. They’re easy quick solutions to creating a well-fitting cabachon and bezel, but that is not what we are here to talk about today. (Although if you’ve needed to add to your wish list for potential gift givers, CaBezels and the many other unique items sold at Shades of Clay might fill out your list well! They’re great stocking stuffers!)

In the necklace pictured here, Wendy created medallions with her “straight and narrow” texture stamps. She then cuts apart the different lines of texture, applies Guilder’s paste to the surface of the textured clay, and staggers the lines of texture around a centerpiece or CaBezel form. For a little more excitement, she adds a few colored highlights. The result is faux metal with the richness of texture and depth of color one sees in real antiqued metal jewelry.

Just Steampunk 4

There is a video tutorial illustrating how to make this faux metal technique with polymer clay on the Shades of Clay website as well if you’d like more details on this.  And, of course, you have to browse the Shades of Clay offerings for new toys and supplies while you there!


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More Crackle with Inka Gold

I have had a lot of comments about the products we reviewed in the latest issue of The Polymer Arts magazine. Inka Gold by Viva Decor has been of particular interest. Since we didn’t have room in the issue to actually demonstrate some of the techniques, I thought I’d pause here and send you in the right direction should you want to explore the Inka Gold options.

Inka Gold works very much like Gilder’s paste, although it’s water based so there are some different considerations. We have Trish Hodgens of Poly Clay Play to thank for the overview in the magazine. You can get her tips and tricks for highlighting textures on her website here to start you off.

The best tutorial on the crackling possibilities is probably on EJR Beads‘ tutorial pages. Here Emma shows you how to create a nice dense crackle, such as you see in the earrings below.


There is also this video by Barbara at Joggles.com with great tips for applying Inka Gold to a variety of surfaces. She never actually brings up polymer, but the pieces she works on would behave just like baked polymer pieces, so the tips, such as watering down for transparency, burnishing details, and stamping, would all apply. Wendy Orlowski, of The Art of My Clay and CaBezels, also has some nice stamping ideas for Inka Gold on her blog here.

If you don’t have your stash of Inka Gold, go visit Trish at Poly Clay Play to get some play time supplies.


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