The Popularity of Play

The Crush Tammy Durham 347x450 - The Popularity of PlayAnother cover that really seemed to knock people’s socks off was the Tammy Durham cover for the Fall 2014- Play issue. I’m sure it was the color and the detail but perhaps it was simply because it was about a subject very near and dear to most of our hearts: playing.

And that is something Tammy seems to be doing a lot of lately, although not so much with her polymer clay illustrations. She is very much focused on color but has been working with abstract oil paintings in the Mondrian mode of color study, or so it appears to me. You can see her present work and her past polymer illustrations on her website here.

If you would like a copy of this issue, we still have a fair amount of stock that I expect to last for a few months longer at least but we are quickly selling out of our earlier issues, especially those we have left for 2012 and 2013. So if you are wanting to update your library of print issues of The Polymer Arts, hop on over to our website and take advantage of our package deals.





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The Dark and the Light

raven_11I love that polymer illustration is coming more and more to the forefront. There are some amazing illustrators out there. In our last issue of The Polymer Arts we featured Tammy Durham’s playful work and in the upcoming winter issue we have the honor of being able to include an article by Joseph Barbaccia, the creator of the amazing illustration you see here. The article reveals the steps in his process, as well as how he came to this new calling after a full and successful prior career in graphic design and years of traditional sculpting.

This image is a beautiful and striking mix of the dark and the light, the two sides, as I mentioned on Monday, that are needed for either side to be appreciated, and in this case, create the heavy contrast that is the basis of the dramatic atmosphere here. The beautiful range of additional color beyond black and white have added to the drama. Look closely at the lovely saturated teals and magentas in the raven and the various shades of blue that make up the rich and glowing night sky. Even the moon gives into off-whites and various yellow and green relations to gray.

The rough, and yet wispy, edge created by just leaving the tapered tendrils of clay displays an unusual and effective treatment of the boundary for the image. It really brings out the dimensional quality of the work that may not be as apparent seeing it just as a photograph. To learn more about Joesph’s work, take a look at his website and, of course, be sure you are subscribed or pre-order the winter issue of The Polymer Arts magazine, due out November 28th.


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A Stylized Organic Scene

Some pieces can deftly combine both geometric imagery and organic texture but sometimes, it is one representing the other as it is in this touching piece by Tammy Durham. Both the plant growth and the connection to new life are conveyed by many small circles and a stylized but active and flowing composition.


I love Tammy’s  bold use of color and texture found in most of her work which she admits is heavily inspired by Gustav Klimt.  Tammy, a polymer clay illustrator from Colorado, has no fear of color as can be seen on her Flickr and Pinterest pages. Take a break from shopping and work and enjoy her joyful imagery for a bit.


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