Anastasia Astafieva soutache purseSo, what else are our Russian colleagues up to besides quilting large polymer maps of their country? A lot actually. I got rather lost, pulling on the little threads I found when I went in search of more on the Russian blanket project. There is so much lovely work out there but in the end, I spent so much time on ‘s blog,, that I just had to share some of her work.

Anastasia works polymer in a number of ways–from jewelry to decor to figurines and dolls–but I was particularly taken by her work in polymer soutache. Just look at all the detail in this soutche’d purse. The color palette has a reserved energy that keeps the whole thing from feeling like its going overboard between the intricate whorls and the large glass ‘gems’. Just that touch of brown clay and the tan beads brings the lovely variations of blues and cyans a little contrast and allows us to see the soutache in defined sections.

She’s made quite a few of these purses along with coordinating necklaces and even some earrings. You can see her collection which she calls “Sutazhnuyu” (Google pronounces it in Russian as “sue-tash-nah” … cool sounding word!) on this blog post.

Anastasia does more than just blog about her work. She reports on events and even did a video documentary on what she is calling the “grandmother” of polymer, Kathe Kruse (it shows up as Keti Kruze on the translation) a famous German dollmaker whose company looks to have used polymer back in the late 50s and early 60s to make dolls. She even has a photo of what is probably one of the very first polymer clay kits. You can find that post and video here. Now if Google can only figure out how to translate audio on the fly!



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Colorful, Perfect Summer

This bracelet is by an artist named Diana from Russia, who goes by the handle Dizainersha. She is a bit of a mystery to us in that there are only a few posts on her live journal and Pinterest. She made these immaculate beads with the intention of turning them into a necklace, earrings, and bracelet set. She completed this bracelet, and as you can see, the craftsmanship and attention to detail add to the beauty of this jewelry. Even though she has only been doing polymer a few years, as you can tell from her work, she takes a lot of pride in doing it impeccably.


You can see more of her work on her live journal, called the World of Creativity.


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On the Edge of Fall

I found this bracelet awhile back but have yet to find the artist who created it.  The pin leads to the page but after searching posts for far too long, I couldn’t find it. Can our readers help us out?

I know we are so far from Autumn up here in the Northern Hemisphere but our Southern counterparts are entering the season right about now. And who can resist the beauty of rich rusts and glowing earth tones any time of year? I love the way the edges are treated in both layers, one torn and the other scored and worn looking so the feel from imagery to texture has a very soft and natural feel to it.


Ok … so who can get us some answers? We’ll update the post as soon as we find out who created this lovely piece.


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