Leather and Layers and Polymer Insets

bolsadecuero Miryam GarciaI’m a little sleep deprived this morning so don’t mind my short write up here.

I found this last week while searching for layered polymer pieces. Such a chic and contemporary look in this purse by Miryam Garcia. I didn’t think it was polymer at first. But she says this Bolsa de Cuero is all handmade from the leather of the purse itself down to the mandala-like polymer insert. I’m not a purse girl, but I’d sling that on.

Okay  kids … back to polishing up the final files for the Winter issue. I’ll confirm the release date on Friday when I should have confirmation myself. In the meantime, go have some fun checking out the variety of work on Miryam’s Flickr stream and her blog.



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Cracking Up in Spain

Today we visit Spain. This is one area of Western Europe that truly does revel in heavily saturated color, and tends towards more contemporary design. Miryam Garcia is not an exception to this impression I have. She’s done a lot of exploring over the last few years, not unlike the first two artists we looked at this week. She goes back and forth on the color palettes, working  in naturally-inspired muted tones or limited palettes for a time, then suddenly bursting into color. I think her color sense, especially when she pushes the brightness, really shines. This recent brooch is a great example.

garcia pin


Contrast is a consistent and well-used theme here. With blue backing both its tertiary yellow and complementary orange, rough and uneven crackle interrupted by smooth domes, and large, squarish shapes giving up the focal interest to the round accents, we have quite a bit to draw our eye and hold our interest.

Miryam has created a few pieces that tend towards this very thorough design but I think this is definitely her best work yet. If you are interested in looking through the visual history of yet another interesting and exploratory artist this week, take a look at both her Flickr stream and her blog.


pg collage 13-P3 Fall 2013

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