A Talented Hobbyist

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I’m so glad that this artist became easier to find and to read up on since the day I originally posted this. Cecilia Button does amazing work but still, she doesn’t sell it. Rather this is a hobby for her that she does in the very early hours of the day before running off to attend to her busy textile career.

Here is the post from January 31st, 2012:

“The ‘Pretty of the Day’ … off another non-English blog (Google so needs to pay me for sending people to their translator all the time!) She’s French, lives in Asia, only lists ‘Cecilia’ for her name and doesn’t sell her work, just gifts it. Lucky friends she has! http://mabcrea.space-blogs.com/

These days you can find more of her work on her her Flickr pages as her blog site has not been active since 2013, but is still rather revealing.



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A Pastel Presentation

mabcreaI was hoping to find a good example a of cool white but these are not often used or they appear to be merely gray and if you are going to play with grays, richer, deeper grays seem more committed and elegant. The alternative is pastels, which can be warm or cool. Cool green leaning whites, like the palest mint color are delicious but what do they express? Cool blue whites in their palest manifestations can actually look even more brilliantly white and those with a hint of purple definitely head towards looking gray or even silver. But pastels are more definite in their expression having strong associations for us with springtime, delicacy and femininity. However, cool versus warm pastels do have different connotations.

In this piece by Cecilia Button (Mabcrea), you can easily see here how the warm colors come across compared to the cool colors. The warm ones still retain some of the energy associated with their fully saturated hues but it’s very muted while the cool colors, associated primarily with calm and relaxation, still feel that way, maybe even more so with their paleness. Juxtaposing warm and cool colors usually makes for a riotous presentation but being all things graduate to white, there is a cohesive feeling of peace and a surprising sense of simplicity event though there is really nothing simple about this piece. But simple and peaceful are meanings we closely associate with white so it’s dominance here literally colors the whole piece.

If you have not discovered Cecilia’s intense explorations of polymer, you might grab a cup of something and spend some time wandering through her her Flickr pages and her blog site.

Inspirational Challenge of the Day: Mix some pastels (start with white and add pinches of color, not the other way around, as you usually need a lot of white compared to colors for a pastel) and play with them using some of your favorite forms or techniques. Compare the feeling of the pastel colored pieces to how a more saturated color palette works in that same approach. How does the tint of the color change the mood or message?


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Hot Juxtaposition

button red circles2There is nothing like a rich, brilliant red to heat things up. The reds in this necklace by Cecilia Botton really pop. The red gradient in the disk and under the peek-a-boo cut-out of the focal bead give those pieces a visual glow, but I think it’s the black that pushes the feel of warmth and the idea of fire. The matte blacks are not unlike charcoal or lava rock; so, when they’re juxtaposed with the glow of red, what else would come to mind but something heated and fiery.

Experimenting with color, gradients and the juxtaposition of elements are a primary focus in Cecilia’s works. Her pieces are rarely, if ever, static or meek. Have fun looking through her varied pieces on her Flickr photostream with a hot cup of something tasty beside you. We’re enjoying a rare and sudden warm-up here for the day, but I’m going to keep with the hot theme for the week because I know this won’t last long and much of the rest of the US sure looks like it could use some heating up. Stay warm and safe out there.


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