Giving Floral a Little Teeth

teeth floral 346x1024 - Giving Floral a Little TeethAlong with hitting up a number of museums, I got to chat with a lot of artist friends, including my crazy circle in Colorado who seek out, as well as create, really wild and fantastical work. And whenever they find polymer related work, they bring it to me.

My old roommate and the instigator of my own polymer journey, Kyle Kelley, introduced me to this unusual artist, Anastasiya Khramina of NooboSlowpokoPanda. The polymer flowers you see here may have beautifully painted petals and lots of natural detail but take just a little closer look and you’ll see they also have teeth! And some crazy but realistically textured tongues. There is even one embellished with a cat’s snout, complete with bared teeth.

These beautifully creepy, ready-for-Halloween creations are made into brooches, pendants and hair clips, per the customer’s request. She actually makes other things besides flowers but they all have teeth and tongues. If you’re getting into the Halloween mood or are looking for some creepy inspiration, jump over to Anastasiya’s NooboSlowpokoPanda Facebook page for short videos on her pieces and process and her Etsy shop for a look at her present offerings.

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Outside Inspiraiton: Pumpkin Head

6301077870_b15d1cc35b_o‘Pumpkin head’ is one of the most often heard pet names around the house. And, I mean for the pets. I have no idea why I started calling my dog and cat ‘pumpkin head’, and I never really visualized what the phrase meant. But, now I have!

This all too cute and beautifully painted pumpkin headed creature comes straight from the imagination of sculptor, illustrator and toy designer, Chris Ryniak. The paint work on this is really detailed, and the expression is fantastic. Don’t you just want to cuddle and comfort those poor little guys beside him. What faces!

Although, I couldn’t find a reference to the materials used in this particular set, resin and epoxy painted with acrylics are the most commonly listed material in other similar items I found by Chris. He has a lot of similar work he shares on his website and Flickr pages. All of it is incredibly adorable. If you are up for some ohs and ahs, click through and enjoy!

So a very spirited Halloween, Day of the Dead, Samhain, All Saints Eve, or whatever it is you do celebrate today. Enjoy it and stay safe!


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