Enticing and Entertaining

Bonnie Bishoff necklace 350x327 - Enticing and EntertainingIMG 0237 430x280 - Enticing and EntertainingThe art jewelry at these events is also a big draw. There is nothing quite like seeing masterful polymer work in person.

Here is a gorgeous piece by Bonnie Bishoff. She wore it to the final gala event and I just could not stop looking at the delicate forms and sunset-like colors. The picture (and the poor lighting in these places) doesn’t quite do it justice.

Another bonus to coming to these events is the local color. In this case, Sherman Oberson, a board member of the IPCA and a local Pennsylvania resident, treated a small handful of us to a tour of his insanely packed and ever-entertaining collection of flea market and thrift store finds. We did this, in part, to honor Nan Roche whose birthday it was. A huge collector of the curious and visually enticing herself, it was a perfect birthday outing for her and an immensely entertaining evening for those of us who got to tag along.

Poke around on Instagram and Facebook for more on Sherman’s place and other Synergy events.


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Try a New Form … Shawl & Hair Pins perhaps?

Bonnie Bishoff and J.M. Syron steered their art in a new direction not long ago with these shawl pins. It may not be the most popular form of adornment but just look what you can do with them.


Bonnie always had a love for fiber arts, so the shawl pins were a natural progression. They feature colorful inlays of polymer clay in white bronze and lead free pewter settings. Of the new pins the pair have been creating, these here are the easiest to identify as shawl pins but their line goes way beyond the basic design. You’ll just have to pop over to their website and check out their wonderful pins!

What forms have you not yet tried creating?  A little exploration might develop into a whole new line for yourself as well!


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Wild Lines

I know I already did a week of curls and swirls a few months ago, but this week we will be enjoying some squiggles and tendrils which are a tad different. During Curl and Swirl week we saw some rather contained curling lines, usually with consistent repetition and a feeling of control over their direction. The lines often came to a tight circle at the end or center of the line, creating a strong focal point. This week is going to be all about the wild lines, the ones that go in different directions, wander off the edge, undulate across the space, and create a more open sense of movement.

This piece is what got me thinking about the effect of uncontrolled lines, how they create a different kind of beauty with  maybe a little chaos in the mix. Lines like these make me think of dancing rather than flowing, and showcase a bit of wild abandon. This piece is a J.M. Syron and Bonnie Bishoff collaboration of walnut trim and polymer veneer. How I would love to see this in person.



What sense do you get from this piece?

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