Wooden Canes and Turquoise Veins

Cara-Jane-Polymer-Clay-Faux-Turquoise-Ring-Polymania-2016-wmI was going to focus on mixed media this week, but I have run into a plethora of fabulous faux wood work, so I can’t resist showing some more. Where is this coming from? Is someone out there teaching a class or sharing a tutorial that I missed? Well, for whatever the reason, the trend has brought us some truly lovely faux wood like we’ve rarely seen before.

This ring by the ever-exploring Cara Jane Hayman just knocked my socks off. What a wonderful mahogany and inlaid look she achieved here. It’s dramatically paired with an almost graphical looking faux turquoise filled with a bold spiderweb veining. It’s terrifically real looking but aside from the impressive faux work, the pairing of visual textures in an uncomplicated form highlighted with a meticulous finish makes for a beautiful piece.

If you happen to be in the UK next year around, say, March 18th-20th, you absolutely will need to go to Polymania 2016 where Cara Jane will be teaching this ring as a workshop. You will also be able to take workshops with Claire Wallis, Bettina Welker and Donna Kato at this 3-day event. Check your calendars and get more information on this event and the skinny on this ring on Cara Jane’s website.

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  1. Ah thanks for the lovely write up – I have had great fun with faux rings recently! I’m really looking forward to sharing this workshop 🙂

    Polymania is already fully booked so I have started a waiting list in case there are some cancellations.

    1. Oh no! Lol. Actually that was left from an edit when I was trying to saying we’d not seen much faux wood of late. But that’s what i get when trying to write while only half awake! Thanks for noting the error. 🙂

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