Warm and Enchanting

Just a little bit o’ pretty this Monday. These earrings by France’s Gadouille are have such a warm and vibrant color scheme not to mention an enchanting form. I always think of bell shapes as tipped over bowls, giving you the creator of the form the opportunity to spill and dangle from it any number of fun and eye catching items. Here Gadouille chooses to echo the colors in the petal cane slices with a limited variety of beads.


I’ve tried a few translator’s to see what she said about the earrings on her blog. Online translators are quite entertaining, I have to say. Here is the best I came up with:

You can find these earrings as of small martagon Lily, (finally small… it is quickly told) history to remember your holidays in Vanoise!

The Martagon lily is a flower native to Eastern France across through Asia with a very dramatic upturn of the petals and Vanoise is a French National Park. Makes me want to take a trip out to France come Spring. Okay … I’d head to France any time if the opportunity came up!



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