The Genuis of Wee Houses

I started my list of gifts I need to make for family and friends this holiday season. The kiddies and non-jewelry wearing adults are a little more tricky for me. So perusing for ideas this morning, I found these wonderful little houses by Etsy’s OneElf. 


The genius of making these kinds of items (aside from how adorably attractive they are) is that whether it’s for gift giving or selling, you can create a series that people will want to collect. Making a variety of buildings and other scene specific pieces can bring customers back again and again to add to the little village or scene on their shelf. And family and friends will have something to add to each year.

They might not be houses either. They could be animals in a zoo, dishes, food, etc. Anything that would be increased in value in the owner’s eye by adding new related items.  And they’d be fun for the creator too!

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