Switching Structure Between Forms

If you make a particularly beautiful bead, the inclination is to make it the focus of a new piece. Focal beads are commonly worked into necklaces, sometimes bracelets. Either way the usual construction is a focal bead plus a series of complimentary beads to string with it. One could try stringing it solo but that usually doesn’t do much to frame and showcase the prized bead.

I like that Maryanne Loveless has created a bracelet structure that can showcase a bead in such a lovely manner. These bracelets are kept relatively simple but given just enough pizzazz on the ends of the encircling polymer to frame the bead and make it look that much more elegant.


Often times I think, with beaded pieces a very pretty but subtle bead will get lost in the business of the piece. This solution is good food for thought. If a focal bead can stand on its own regardless of what it’s matched with then it’s not an issue. But if the bead needs to be supported by the rest of the piece in order to shine, a simple, understated structure might be just the ticket.




  1. Hey, thanks for the shout out! This was a break-through moment for me. It was just as you so beautifully said; I wanted to spotlight these focal beads, frame them with a little sumpin sumpin, but mostly simplicity. These are very comfortable to wear. (I usually can’t be bothered to wear a bracelet, but these I wear.) Thanks again for the spotlight.

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