Remember Why We Do What We Do


Publishing is a rough business. So is writing. And, as most of you know,  so is being an artist! In what I do, there are so many people I work with, have to contact daily and have to count on and I do it all from a home office with virtual staff  … it can make it very trying sometimes. But then I get some wonderful random email from someone saying “I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate what you are doing …” and suddenly everything is wonderful again because, first of all, someone took the time out of their busy lives to write me and secondly, I am reminded that what I do matters.

Its actually mind-blowing how often I get emails like that. What wonderful, thoughtful people there are out there in the world. I have not, I have to admit, been one of those who has done such things very often. Until the last couple years. All these kind, considerate people have gotten me to stop regularly and let others know that what they do matters. And when you work alone in the studio all day, or in solitary on your computer at home, editing photos,  listing work for sale, writing a blog, it can be hard to imagine that what you do matters to much of anyone else but you. But then you get a grateful note from a customer, an enthusiastic comments on your blog, or see someone singing your praises in a forum. That makes all the difference.

Since we work online so much now and aren’t in touch with people quite the way we used to be, we’re not getting or giving that kind of feedback as often as we used to since its much more automatic and expected when we are face to face. So I would like to make a suggestion … this week, every day, write one person, one business, one friend or relative and let them know how much what they do matters to you and/or to other people. Just a few lines can be immensely impactful for the person on the receiving end  and in this world, I think it tremendously important to encourage kind and truly meaningful things.


  1. I’d been working with polymer clays and happily baking these off for 2 years in my apartment oven, when I read for the first time that the whole baking process of polymers was fraught with danger. Toxins could be released and might even now, as I write, could be coating the inside of that oven. Wow !!! Did I or did I not contaminate myself ? Are these real dangers or not ? I LOVE polymer clay and I don’t want to give it up. Any comments you could share that would examine this topic ?

  2. The official stance is that polymer clay is basically safe but you should take precautions. My personal experience is that there can be long term effects due to regular exposure. You probably haven’t done anything detrimental at this point unless you work with it full time. Recommendations are to not bake in your home oven or cover/tent your work if you do so the fumes are contained. I recommend baking in a separate oven in a non-living space (garage, porch, enclosed basement room) and wear gloves when working with raw clay. That way you’re not in any danger known or unknown.

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