Giving Yourself to the World

So, who here is making polymer gifts for family and/or friends? Ok … uh … maybe I should ask who isn’t …

I don’t have a lot of time this season, but the one thing I do always put time aside for is making gifts for as many people on my list as might appreciate them. I could just buy all my gifts, which would be tons easier and would take less time, but once you give of yourself, all other gifts just pale. The thing is, what you make is something that would never have existed if you were not on this earth. It is a reminder of who you are as well as being a little part of you that you are giving. How much more precious could a gift be?


Now, not everyone is able to create a little something of their own as gifts. If you have a gift giver who is having a hard time figuring out what to get their favorite creative polymer obsessed person, there is always the gift of inspiration in the form of a magazine. You can send a hint by forwarding this blog post, or send a link such as Issues and subscriptions also make great gifts for your own polymer friends. *grin* If you need anything special in the way of when to send gifted issues or would like a note included, just write me at I’m all for helping spread the holiday cheer in any way I can.


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