Art & Health

What are your goals for this New Year? Improve your skills as an artist? How about improve your health? How about doing them both together?

I think we can all agree that good health certainly helps us in creating art. It’s hard to create when we don’t feel good. So, our friends over at Crafty Link (same gals that run Polymer Clay Productions) decided to help artists get healthier. They have a 12 week course titled The Art of Healthy Living that is “designed to teach real-world, healthy lifestyle choices while using art as a means to work through the thoughts and emotions that accompany weight loss.” Sounds rather intriguing.

I do have a few holiday pounds to lose myself. I am also working on reducing stress and having more time to laugh …


I had to share this image … it has fractals on it! I’m a bit nutty about fractals. They are all around us in nature but can also be created using math. Crazy pretty stuff.



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