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  So far this week, we’ve looked at clutches covered in sheets of colored and patterned polymer but that is not, by far, the only way to create a dazzling handbag with polymer. Not all of us are caners and many of us lean toward sculptural elements and tactile texture and a handbag is a […]

Apparently, I am up for not only discussing mixing disciplines but also for being whimsical. I do love whimsy. That is the realm of the child and the always child-like side of ourselves. It’s something we should never, ever lose as it brings us back to a place of wonder and exploration and, by extension, […]

A good portion of the articles in our new issue are, at least in part, interviews with multiple artists so you get a well-rounded view of the ideas our contributors have brought you. One particularly insightful as well as fun article is the one exploring the idea of humor and whimsy in art. Contributor Sherilyn […]

Yesterday we touched on ways to add visual movement to your work; but visual is only way one to add the excitement of movement to artwork. Kinetic design involves creating work that actually moves due to the way it is used or where it is displayed. Jewelry lends itself to kinetic design quite easily since […]

Let us have a whimsical Friday, shall we? This curious sculpture titled “Night Jackal” is by mixed media sculptor Ellen Jewett.  Her sculptures portray fantastical visions combining animals with man-made objects and constructions. She is rather vague about her materials but nowhere can I find mention of polymer, and being that she paints the sculptures it doesn’t […]

Its been so nice and mild this Fall, even as we first entered December. Then yesterday, the cool settled in and I started rummaging through my sweaters. I have a couple sweaters with big buttons that reminded me of the sweatered fish I got to see in person when sitting down for a drink with […]

In the northern hemisphere, we are all preparing for cooler weather. Many of us are saying good-bye to our gardens as they change colors and die off. Wouldn’t it be nice to keep a little garden or park right at hand … or literally on your hand? This below is a ring. A little bit […]