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We’re back to Western Europe today with something lighthearted and fun. Over in Italy, Dorothée Vantorre creates these unusual but irresistibly cute creatures, along with other stylized creatures, graphic jewelry, and further adorable manifestations of her imagination.   Dorothee is getting all kinds of attention in the fashion world, as evidenced by the magazine pages she’s posted […]

Today we visit Spain. This is one area of Western Europe that truly does revel in heavily saturated color, and tends towards more contemporary design. Miryam Garcia is not an exception to this impression I have. She’s done a lot of exploring over the last few years, not unlike the first two artists we looked at this […]

Much of the lore surrounding the mythical beings of the forest that we are familiar with today, such as faeries and elves, comes to us from Western Europe. The German lore is particularly colorful, influencing many accomplished artists and writers in Europe through the ages and certainly today. You may not presently believe in faeries […]

Here is another artist who, like our gal from yesterday, looks to be working out her own artistic voice through a lot of varied exploration. The progress seen in her photos on Flickr does show both a natural affinity for the material as well as the kind of growth that, at this point, hints at […]

This week, I thought we’d counter the theme we did on Eastern Europe a number of weeks ago by doing a sampling of Western Europe. To get a sense of this region’s tendencies, we’ll be visiting European artists from this other side of the continent, all of whom I have not yet talked about on […]