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Going sculptural in a jewelry direction, this piece really caught my eye back when and I never forgot it. There is something very alluring and even a bit Georgia O’Keefe about this piece. Here is the original post in which I was promoting the popular Summer 2012 – Recycle and Reuse issue: With our focus […]

I couldn’t resist a last little guessing game for this week. When I was looking through my Pinterest boards, I found this set of beautiful, organically inspired bracelets by Armenian artist Sona Grigoryan, but I couldn’t be sure if they were ceramic or polymer. So what do think these are made of? Sona is an Armenian […]

For our last bit of scattered art, I did want to look at the whole of a design arranged in a scattered and random looking manner. Necklaces lend themselves well to this kind of design being there is a fair amount of space in which to “scatter” the components. Russian artist Oksana Aleksandrovna Vedernikova working under […]

I had a great conversation this past week with the wonderful Mitchell sisters. We are, all three of us, very big on function. Just because something can’t funtion as the object it was created as doesn’t mean it’s not art. But if it can’t function as the type of object it is labeled as, should […]

How do you work with polymer clay? Do you consider yourself primarily a maker of jewelry or do you prefer sculpture? Do you ever combine both. Janet Wilson does just this with her tree pendants. One of the joys of jewelry art is that someone can wear and show around a little piece of their […]