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So, what else are our Russian colleagues up to besides quilting large polymer maps of their country? A lot actually. I got rather lost, pulling on the little threads I found when I went in search of more on the Russian blanket project. There is so much lovely work out there but in the end, […]

This bracelet is by an artist named Diana from Russia, who goes by the handle Dizainersha. She is a bit of a mystery to us in that there are only a few posts on her live journal and Pinterest. She made these immaculate beads with the intention of turning them into a necklace, earrings, and […]

I found this bracelet awhile back but have yet to find the artist who created it.  The pin leads to the page but after searching posts for far too long, I couldn’t find it. Can our readers help us out? I know we are so far from Autumn up here in the Northern Hemisphere but […]