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In my search for popular blues, this person’s work that you see here kept popping up, only it seemed to be attached to different people all the time. As it turns out, this is an artist that sticks with making amazing beads and elements that bead artisans can then assemble rather than creating a lot […]

Do you like to mix things up? Today we have a blog post that will give you a taste of a number of techniques you can apply to a wide range of other work. Carve your own rubber stamps, create colorful patinas on stamped polymer clay and wrap up your patina-colored pieces with wire frames full of […]

I’m actually surprised that more urban polymer artists don’t look out their windows and want to reflect back the cityscape around them. What human beings have created is incredible. We build both functional and artistic structures all over the globe, forever changing the landscape with our huge buildings, bridges, and ports. Some may find this […]

It is really amazing the number of techniques that can be used to color and texture metal. It is almost (I said almost!) as varied as it is for polymer. I have this wonderful book called The Jeweller’s Directory of Decorative Finishes with over a dozen ways to achieve coloration using chemicals for patina and oxidizing as well […]