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Here is another post that was very popular when I was posting art just on my Facebook page. It is from March 1st, 2012: After a long day of car shopping (ended up with a ‘wasabi’ colored Subie–I’ve been calling car colors by their Premo equivalent! Such a polymer nerd!) I got on the ‘net […]

Let’s look at the simple idea that necklaces don’t have to be a complete, fully attached, encircling item nor does the closure for it have to be at the back of the neck. If the point at which the necklace opens can be integrated into the design, it can be placed anywhere on the piece. […]

  A couple weeks ago, Cynthia posted a piece on Polymer Clay Daily about faux soutache done in polymer clay by Olimpia Corvino.I had just been perusing an actually soutache artist’s site a couple days before but couldn’t find it at the time. Well, it was an Etsy store and here is the piece that […]