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Martina Buriánová takes rough stuff–the theme this week–in an interesting direction for polymer. This unique use of layers in a polymer pendant might remind you of the side view of a warped, long-ago drenched book. Contained within its solid although equally roughed up frame, you get a sense that these layers have been through a few trials […]

Looking over a collection of work can tell you quite a bit about an artist and what intrigues them. The posts this week will give us a chance to consider, in a more complete and varied way, what an artist might be doing or be after in particular types of work. Carole Monahan-Kampfe recently posted some […]

Yep … back to frames again today. There are just so many beautiful pieces with unique ways to incorporate frames. Here, we have earrings by metal jewelry artist Nisa Smiley that are more than just frames. In actuality, what the open spaces frame is negative space. That negative space is filled with whatever your imagination comes up […]

So, yesterday I very briefly started talking about how balance is at the center of well produced asymmetry. Here is a piece that works more toward a feeling of tension rather than being well-balanced. In this piece, Margaret Polcawich has mixed wood and polymer clay. The strength of both materials is highlighted in the design […]

Talk about color accenting! This bracelet plays with everything else before that cane of purple even begins to register. The wonderful shape of the beads, the contrast in value (which is all black and white are), the visual and tactile texture and the negative space where the beads cut away instead of butting against each […]

A frame doesn’t have to completely surround the focus of the piece or shrink back to be a barely noticed element. The framed piece we have for you today suspends the center stone between the framing elements, using negative space to enhance the design. As the artist, Georgia Morgan explains, “Working in polymer allows unlimited space to […]

Black and white is rather a standard when it comes to creating a graphic look. One can assume that was the basic idea behind Debbie Carlton’s little pieces here. I assume they are earrings–created using mokume in black and white, and what looks to be a little red underneath but then this crackling of gold […]

Alright, more construction chatter. I thought I’d go for the hardest form to talk about … earrings. Mind you the construction of earrings themselves are not usually challenging but that’s the point. What else can you do with them but create a bead of some kind and attach an ear wire or a post? Finding […]

So, I guess I’m not pulling away from the leaves and Autumn theme much this week. I just love the season. In this piece, it is more about the forest than the leaves.  The layering of the landscape, the way the trees are cut from one layer into the next and the variation of texture […]