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Thank you for the responses on Tuesday’s mosaic. I loved reading your different views and loved the level of enthusiasm in the comments. I apologize that they took a day to show up–the mysterious ways of the internet did not let us in to approve them until late in the day. Technology often reminds me of […]

When we do an article related to a technique that has been explored by several artists, we try and include art by these other explorers of the technique, but when it came to Karen Mitchell‘s article on polymer micro mosaics there was just too much wonderful stuff that Karen was sharing to expand on it. […]

Today, let’s ponder a broad combination of themes from French artist, Ouedd. Here, lines of white dots play the part of contrast to densely gathered leaf forms with rich, graduated colors applied in a polymer embroidery-type manner. I also thought this might be called a type of mosaic, but do dense patterns of parts alone define a […]

This last story was actually requested. By several readers. Why this handful of people knew there was this story to be told, I’m not sure. It is a lot like yesterday’s story, but with some significant differences, as well as a different kind of significance here. I think you’ll know what I’m getting at when you […]

This seems to be the week of mixing it up with polymer as well as intricate pieces. Here we have one of Susan Crocenzi‘s amazing mosaics that includes glass as well as polymer to build up an almost textile feel to this wall piece. The mosaic has a natural rhythm and flow of materials that allows […]

The work of Laurie Mika is rather  mesmerizing. You can sit and stare and find new things for many long minutes as well as every time you return to a piece. And most everything she creates is built off a centered composition with balanced shapes if not textures and motifs on either side. This is […]

Happy New Year everyone! The Polymer Arts crowd wishes you all a joyful, healthy and creative year in 2014! Now … how about trying something big this year? Marie Davis from Vermont is inspired by the wonders of Mother Nature. She creates finely detailed designs by layering multi-colored polymer clays in a  millefiori caning process. Her […]