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Let us allow Jon Stuart Anderson’s cover piece dictate the theme this week … animals full of color and pattern. Although, unlike Jon’s bull on the cover of the upcoming Summer 2017 issue (due out end of May) is a three-dimensional sculpture, this piece is a wall mosaic by Mary Anne Loveless who just so […]

I’m just going to share some fun and amazing pieces this week. Polymer can certainly create some gorgeous images and stunning effects, but it can also amuse and impart a bit of joy into our lives as viewers, buyers, and creators. As I sit here trying to work thought some back pain from an as-yet-unknown […]

Okay … raise your hand if you’ve never covered a tin box. Oh, I wish I could actually see the response to that. My guess is most of us have tried to, or still do cover tin boxes with polymer. And why not? They are inexpensive but wonderful little boxes whose curled and folded edges […]