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As a decorative elements, holes, more than anything else, reveal things. In some work, there is literally something that would otherwise be hidden, within or behind a layer the artist has cut a hole in. But sometimes, especially with a collection of holes, it reveals space itself. I have presented work by Mark Doolittle once before but I […]

I know, I know … this is not polymer, but there was some question about that as it was posted on a few Pinterest boards under polymer. And that colorful inlay could be polymer, right? It could, but it’s not. It’s painted. The reason it was popping up under polymer searches was because it was posted […]

Trying to figure out which of Mark Doolittle’s gourds to share with you was a serious exercise in restraint. I was inclined to post a dozen of them for he creates such a variety and this is no ordinary gourd art. Not that I even need to tell you that. You can see it from […]