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Easily the all-time favorite cover and one of the best-selling issues since 2012 was the Fall 2013 – Organics issue. I think this was, in large part, due to this fabulous cover art by Kathrin Neumaier. Kathrin was the most prolific and arguably most interesting artist working in translucent polymer clay. She created hollow forms […]

We set aside our usual art discussions today to announce the first big book project for TPA and the associated book publishing arm, Tenth Muse Publications–Polymer Journeys 2016 is just about ready for you! The release is set for April 14th. This retrospective and peek-behind-the-scenes book is in its last phase of preparation for printing! Now […]

If you read our wonderful Fall 2013 issue of The Polymer Arts, you no doubt remember the cover piece by Kathrin Neumaier. That translucent glass look has been quite popular in the polymer community so when I saw these simple but elegant earrings, my first thought was that it was polymer. But no. And it’s […]

Today’s usual Outside Inspiration is being displaced by a truly hot polymer item  … the latest cover for The Polymer Arts, featuring the amazing work of Kathrin Neumaier … her Pepper Necklace! Now that is hot stuff! This issue is due out August 19th and is quickly turning into my favorite issue to date! Kathrin Neumaier […]

It’s funny how many comments and emails I got on Monday when I mentioned that I had untouched blocks of Pardo translucent clay in my studio. There is such a demand and yet so little available. I have had email conversations with a contact at Viva Decor but I never got a straight answer as […]

Spiderwebs are not usually considered sophisticated. They tend to be used for things related to costuming fabrics, accessories and props. Put a spiderweb on something and it’s not likely to be taken seriously. Which is odd since spiderwebs are some of the most amazing and beautiful creations constructed by any non-human creature on earth. But […]

Kathrin Neumaier of Germany has been focused on translucents for well over a year now using layered translucent clay and liquid polymer to create a glass effect. Her work has a natural feel to them, like they might be something you would find washed up on the beach. But the simple elegance of the forms […]