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Life got a little rougher this week for the Bray clan although we are a strong and resilient bunch and just get stronger for having gone through the trials put before us. Nonetheless, we need a respite too and I have been immensely grateful that I am so lucky as to have a retreat of […]

Although we regularly look at artwork once piece at a time, there is much to learn from looking over a collection of work, especially when the work has a lot of great variation. We have not seen any work from Ivana Brozova recently as she was on a 10 month hiatus, traveling all over southeast Asia. I was […]

** Sorry this went up half a day late. We had an error in our scheduled time. But back to regularly scheduled postings …*** We’ve talked about using lines as design elements for direction and energy before and about dots and their use as accents and to create rhythm, but I don’t think we’ve spent much […]

So, last week I was having an email conversation with the fabulous Debbie Crothers of Australia. We’re both ideas people with minds going a million miles an hour. At one point she said, “I absolutely love reading your blog. I try and do my own little analysis of the work before I read yours, and […]

One of the primary reasons for using frames is to finish off the edge of a bead or element so it is functional but it doesn’t have to be purely functional. It is going to show, so why not make it a major part of the design? Ivana Brozova has brought her frame into the design […]

I grew up in California, in a coastal desert region where natural color commonly comes in muted tones. In art school, though, I was exposed to landscapes from the southwest that were painted in all kinds of bright and what I thought were unnatural colors. It wasn’t until I actually moved to New Mexico that […]